Conscious Life
Conscious life begins at the moment when you stop expecting that the world and the people around you will create the conditions in which you will manifest yourself in the best way.

Many expect compensation for their unhappy childhood, failed love relationship and much more, and life passes in these expectations.

The earlier you stop living in the automatic rut of unrealistic plans and expectations of special conditions, the more years you will save for the creation of your own self. While you wait, your potential is asleep.

Freedom of action is not something that someone can give, it is something that can only be taken.

To be free is to be deeply responsible and ethical. True freedom means the deepest love, care and respect for everything that surrounds you.

Freedom implies that from this moment on, it's not other people who, with their praise or judgement, encourage you to correct yourself, but you are the one who takes the responsibility for how you interact with yourself and the world.

Freedom is often confused with self-centered overindulgence. A self-indulgent person puts himself at the center of the world and expects the world to agree with this. But the world is simply much larger, and sooner or later it will knock down anyone who does not regard its laws.

Freedom begins with the recognition of yourself and the world the way you and the world is.

Becoming an "Emotionally Intelligent" Person.
When we think of "intelligence," geniuses like Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein come to mind. But there are many kinds of intelligence, and one of them is the ability to understand and interpret emotions.

"Emotional intelligence" informs how we react to other people's emotions and our own, how we handle life's challenges. It helps us understand who we are: our strengths and weaknesses, what we believe in, what our values are and whether we honor them or not; what motivates us; how we interact with, and understand, other people.

When we've grown up without cultivating our emotional intelligence, we can become technically adept without becoming wise -- becoming, as philosopher Alain de Botton puts it, "technologically-armed menaces to ourselves."
Your brilliant manager with amazing tech skills who's constantly complaining and manipulating the people around her…your talented co-worker who can't seem to build strong relationships with anyone…your wealthy self-made uncle who's disengaged from the life he's meant to enjoy…these people lack emotional intelligence.

The ability to know yourself and to recognize how others feel – empathy for yourself and for others – plays a vital role in becoming a mature adult and an effective leader. Without it, we are like boats with no direction on a vast ocean.
Developing emotional intelligence helped me connect with myself, my spouse, my children, and people around me on a very different level. Not only did I learn to listen, I learned how to relate to them as human beings with their own agendas, emotions and weaknesses.

If you're someone whose emotional intelligence doesn't come naturally, don't despair! We aren't born with it -- we become masterful through education and practice.
About Life
What is life? Everyone chooses their own content. However, the main difference between life and existence is a journey filled with a person's internal energy. In the chaos of everyday problems, traffic jams, troubles at work, issues at home, we get an impression that all of this – work-purchases-bills and reports – is exactly what life is. But life is not only a reflex set of steps from morning coffee to evening toothpaste. It is the infusion of each step with the fueling energy.

A person living in a big city knows better than anyone what the "funnel of problems" is like, which sucks you in and takes you away from the real life.

When you go outside early in the morning and breathe the fresh aroma of the sleepy city, while the sun is gently reflecting in the windows of the buildings, you have a choice. Which one? To lower your head, start the car and scold the traffic with a frowning face, grumpily glancing at the grey buildings around, and blaming the current scenery for your constant lack of vitamin D.

Or, on the contrary, you can take a deep breath, look up with a squinting smile at the sunlight in the windows of the office buildings. And despite the traffic, the lack of vitamin D, and the fact that bright sun really gets in the way of following the road, still move forward and enjoy the journey.

It is not about refusing to see the truth. It is not about becoming indifferent to what is happening instead of dealing with real issues and problems. No. The whole point is to learn to fill your world with energy and positive charge. And then your life will cease to be a set of impersonal steps.

Only the internal energy, which is the consequence of self-development, will make each person move and fill their ordinary everyday life with bright light. When you simply exist, even the bright sun rays become grey tinted. But when you live, grey buildings of a big city please the eye with color.

What is life? Everyone chooses its content. However, we often give ourselves up to the will of chance and allow ourselves to float on the waves of problems and worries. Life is not a stream of reflexes. It is the ability to control your emotions, follow your goals, grow internally, allow yourself to see the bright light in every "gray window". Life is the energy of movement, the direction of which you choose yourself.