"Your most valuable asset is you. Anything that improves your talents and skills is worth doing. "© Warren Buffett.

Philosophy is the key to awareness and self-development.

As a teenager, I loved reading aphorisms - deep thoughts about the world packed into short and concise form. In college this fascination led me to a philosophy and logic course. Back then my choice was more intuitive than rational - only 15 years later I began to consciously use philosophy in my professional practice.

For me philosophy is an opportunity to look at the world with different eyes. It opens the mind, helps rethink your personal history and see an alternative way of interacting with the world. It's like new glasses through which you begin to perceive yourself and other people differently. You see your goals and values in a new way.

Sources of Inspiration.

I am inspired by life itself as an endless ground for development and improvement. Relationships with people offer space for exploring myself, my feelings and needs. Difficulties serve as an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone, to find new meaning and purpose.

I am enchanted by the beauty of our world, simple and clear, but at the same time intricate and deep. The very opportunity to touch this world and to know it – isn't it a miracle?

I am fascinated by extraordinary people with whom I can exchange ideas and thoughts, discuss something important and receive quality feedback. Books, films, articles -- everything that generates new questions and thoughts in me and becomes fuel for internal work.