Personal Development Specialist.
Corporate Trainer.
Leadership Coach.
Wife and mother of three children.
"Look around you. What do you see? I see a fascinating and colorful world full of inspiration and harmony. I see people who are different from each other and yet each person has something extraordinarily beautiful in him or her. All of this is life, every facet of which opens up new opportunities and paths for development.

Sometimes difficult situations and experiences associated with them prevent us from looking at the world with open eyes and perceive its beauty and diversity. My mission is to help people cope with these difficulties through self-development and self-knowledge.

I believe that becoming aware of your inner beauty and who you really are is the key to a full and meaningful life."
— Ksenia V Krivor
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If you do not ask yourself any questions
Sometimes people recite their lives as a captivating novel full of plot twists but they do not ask a single question. Or they describe a problem in much detail in which they blame someone else. They don't ask: "Why does this happen to me?" or "How can I personally change and resolve this situation?"

Of course, I can formulate these questions for you. But the practice shows that if a person doesn't ask him or herself questions then they are not yet ready to accept help. Therefore, before coming to me, take a moment and mentally read the novel of your life. Do you have any questions for the main character? If there are no questions do not waste your time and mine. I will not be able to help you.
If you only want to get advice
When a person comes for advice, he or she shifts the responsibility for his or her life to an adviser. This is similar to the child-parent relationship where due to lack of experience the child is not yet ready to take full responsibility for himself and his actions. However, adults come to me for advice.

My goal is to help you find the best way to reach your goal, but I cannot and do not want to choose this way for you. Only those decisions that a person made independently make his or her life meaningful and bring satisfaction from the result achieved.
If you expect that life will change without your participation
The resolution of almost any negative situation requires certain internal work. Only our own effort directed at changing ourselves and our life is a guarantee of the result. Here a coach serves as a trainer and a client as an athlete who wants to win the competition. If the trainer did all the work for the athlete there would be no Olympic victories!
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"Destruction in the form of stupidity, vulgarity and trash has been sold for decades already. Literature in the form of indecent combination of words, pseudo-visionaries, pseudo-coaches, pseudo-psychologists and pseudo-preachers is a tumor. When I see what you do, it makes me want to plunge into all of this, because you do everything not for your pocket, you get high from the pleasure of seeing the result, seeing the progress, helping and seeing the effect. For example, the way you can say "no" to a person because they are not ready, or the way you carefully craft your words with trembling and trying to express your ideas to everyone. It's all good for the sake of the future."
Nastassia Vintila
Writer. Journalist. Ohio, USA
"Ksenia is a terrific expert, an honest, decent person and an extraordinary woman who finds the right approach to everyone. She is my best resource in raising children."
Mariya Liubman
Vice President - Human Resources, Real Estate Board of New York, New York City, USA
"I, as you can say, as a hardened "techie" never believed in all these "psychologies and emotions." And I am used to living by the "help yourself" principle. All sorts of big and small problems not only did not allow me to enjoy life, they did not let me breathe. I didn't believe that this could be changed at all. I began to communicate with Ksenia. At first, I wanted someone to just listen. Then, as it turned out, I could tell this person about the darkest corners of my soul! Ksenia then somehow unnoticeably points out certain things that you cannot even guess and don't even see. And gradually you start to see and understand that you can live in a different way."
Elena Malyutina
MD. Internist. Florida, USA
"Guiding questions from Ksenia shed light on the "dark" areas of my self-esteem. I consider an acquaintance with you, Ksenia, one of my successes in the short period of time that I live in the United States. You are genuinely interested in the outcome and in people who turn to you. It is reflected during personal sessions, evokes a sense of gratitude and stimulates one to work on oneself. And it is very pleasant to communicate with you on your positive wave. Thank you!"
Vita Chesnokova
Massage Therapist. Skin Care Specialist. Massachusets, USA
You know that 'turning point' in a problem? ....That 'light at the end of the tunnel' that people talk about?
I didn't either until I met her. Ksenia V Krivor. She made me see it. Shortly after our consultation, things started to make a whole lot of sense.
....we talked, we shared, I cried, we laughed. And then boom 💥....there it was. 💡
It didn't take me long to figure out that she was exactly what I needed to set few things straight; to put a stop on a quickly accumulating snowball that was escalating down Mt. Hopelessness. Her words of wisdom, experience, and expertise made me see the problem in a whole new light; her valuable points and guidance have inspired me to change the way I look at the circumstance.
In short, I do not have enough words to describe my consultation experience. It was above and beyond amazing and very enlightening. I highly recommend, to get in touch with Ksenia, to anyone who faces issues, doubts, confusion, hesitation, uncertainty, or just in need of a alternative view point. It's only after you speak to Ksenia, you will understand how much you needed this...and only then you will understand what it is that I'm talking about.

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