Find answers to the questions that concern you. Immerse yourself in deep self-exploration. Create a clear and conscious strategy for personal development. Improve the quality of your life.
Many people, many destinies.

Stories of achievements and tragedies, difficult decisions and rash actions – how to find yourself in all of that and your place in life?

We are born with the information already embedded in us with all the answers to the most important questions of our being.

However, in order to listen to our inner voice, we need to learn how to distinguish it from hundreds of other people's voices and opinions.

By understanding yourself and the nature of your surrounding phenomena, you can find your place in life and receive true satisfaction from it. I believe that every person is able to start living their own life, find in it their own reference points and realize their destiny.
Philosophy and the meaning of life
Who am I? How can I find myself? How can I learn to live consciously and understand what I do and why I do it? What is the meaning of my life? How to get rid of boredom and hopelessness? Why am I not satisfied with my life, although I have everything?

Does a person live or exist? Everyone answers this question in their own way depending on life priorities and the degree of awareness. Consultations and work with a specialist are necessary exactly to understand what is important to you and why.
How to find a purpose in life? How to achieve goals? How to figure out and find your mission? How can I understand what I want? How to get rid of the feeling of fear? How to finally start doing?

The most important value of a mature person is awareness. It allows you to understand and accept your fear, learn to go through a wide spectrum of emotions - negative and positive. And yet, not to lose your confidence and the chosen path of development.

Emotional Intelligence
How to make sense of my emotions and understand what exactly I feel? What is EQ and why is it necessary and important? How to develop EQ? How to communicate with others effectively? How to act in conflict, when emotions go off scale?

Society is an integral part of our life. Moreover, emotions accompany most interactions between people.
One of the main goals of self-development is exploring one's emotions in order to learn how to experience them harmoniously and remain true to yourself at the same time.

How to deal with complicated relationships with loved ones? How to build personal boundaries and is it necessary? How to learn to say "no"? How to learn to stay open in a relationship and not hide from it?
How to get rid of fear of expressing yourself?

There are no ideal relationships but there is an inner self-confidence, regardless of external circumstances. Personal boundaries, the ability to be in a close relationship and a clear understanding of yourself at a particular moment in time – these are components of a quality happy life.

How to understand children? How to bring them up and educate them? How can I enjoy being a mother if I'm always tired? How not to lose myself as an individual in motherhood? How can I get rid of guilt and a feeling that I'm a bad parent?

Allowing yourself to grow as a parent is the best thing we can do for our children. Problems in communicating with children, mother and father's apathy in relation to themselves, anxiety are all normal life difficulties that parents can and need to learn how to deal with properly.

Save Time
You can read tons of literature. Spend hundreds of hours to understand what Jung, Freud or Kant meant. But at the same time, you can be stuck with the same question and demands on your won for a long time. Only a professional will help you sublimate your energy, to point efforts in the right direction and pay attention to what is important.
Clear Priorities
You won't change your life in a short time, but you can understand in which direction to move. I will use all my professional experience and knowledge to help you determine where the sham light of pseudo-important goals is burning, and where the real sunlight of actual priorities is falling on you.
Action Plan
Together we will explore your individual qualities and problem areas, opportunities and limitations. As a result, you will be able to not only clearly define the direction of development for yourself, but also to outline concrete steps toward this goal.
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